Digital Content goes beyond adapting face-to-face materials to an online space. It is a great opportunity for learners to absorb new concepts at their own pace, pause and reflect on their personal circumstances, and feel empowered to create solutions and make life-changing decisions. 

These recent examples showcase content that can be used as stand-alone material to enhance your current delivery and also as elements of comprehensive learning modules. Contact us to learn more.

Interactive Mindset Spectrum (Interaction)

Our view of ourselves and the world around us sets a tone for our attitudes and actions. This outlook is reinforced by messages and experiences we have throughout our education and working lives. Over time, we develop a certain mindset that can impact what we see as possible. Using your Growth Mindset can be a powerful tool to keep moving in a positive direction with purposeful and meaningful effort through ups and downs.

Job Search Drivers (Video)

To find YOUR right job, be as clear as you can on the direction you want to go. You can think of it as a mission. No job is perfect for everyone. Success to one person looks different than success to another person. We each place value on different factors and those factors drive our actions. Keeping on your job search mission requires an understanding of what is driving you as you take action and make decisions.

Ranking the Waves (Interaction)

Imagine your new job as a journey to a new land. You have left one island and have landed on a new one. Leaving port and setting sail into a new job brings Change. Even if it is welcomed, change can be jarring to our systems. Consider the different waves you might experience on the job that can lead to a difficult situation.

Impact of Ripples on Health (Interaction)

When you make a change in life, like starting a new job, the new reality interferes with the old. Change of routines, relationships, money, and even what occupies your thoughts creates a ripple effect around you. While you are facing waves, you might also be navigating ripples from change. To know where we are on our journey through life’s challenges and to maintain balance we are dependent on our health and wellness in three key ways: Physical Health, Mental Health, and Spiritual Health.

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