Rethink career services

We understand the policies, processes, and pressures of the career development sector. We can support you and your team to create logical systems, effective services, and thrive through change.

Change is constant in our sector. We need to know how to pivot our services and ensure that they are both beneficial for clients and feasible for practitioners. We can work with your organization to design innovative and effective solutions for your team or government initiative.

Career Agencies

We’ve walked your path and have used our experience to support many agencies to create a new normal amid the changes and pressures of funding cycles, new project launches, and internal reorganization.

Professional and Organizational Development

The one constant in the delivery of career services is that we are always changing, creating, and adapting. Based on labour market, immigration, and employer needs, the work we engage in is constantly evolving. We offer a range of services that can help your organization adapt to new policies, systems or labour market shifts. Whether you need to develop training for staff or initiate new programming or processes, we can work with you to create a solution unique to your needs.

Explore how we can support your organization:

Career agencies often seek our support in moments of transition. New policies, systems, services, processes, internal restructuring – we can’t underestimate how these all affect people. Navigating change can be a challenging time for staff when they face the pressure to continue delivering high-quality service to clients while being flexible to the new ways of doing their jobs. We offer a range of training topics, such as, career development practice, navigating change and transition, delivering multimodal career services, and leadership. Training can be online, on site, or a blended solution to meet the specific needs of your organization.
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Government Consultation

Our unique and holistic know-how of the career development field gives us the lens that policymakers look for when planning and implementing new systems and innovative services for a community. We have supported national and international government agencies to bring modern services to the public for more than two decades.

Our team is particularly skilled and has supported governments in the following areas:

Service Design

Having successfully operated multiple federal and provincial return-to-work services for 25 years, we have learned from the ups and downs of effective career programming and service design.

Systems Modelling

We create business tools that help make systems and processes transparent, consistent, easier to follow for practitioners and simple to track for organizations.


Governments seek our support when they need to make groundbreaking discoveries and combine disciplines to fill gaps in large scale initiatives and front line programming.

We partner with governments in so many different ways: from research initiatives and training to the full design and operation of programs, processes, and system solutions.

Our Process

Our process begins with a needs assessment to ensure we understand your overarching goals. We then discuss options for consultation service or training delivery. We offer online, on site, or blended training to accommodate your need and preference. For any online training, we use a learning management system that offers 24/7 central access to materials and resources. This provides your team with an opportunity to engage with the learning in a convenient time and space. We develop a detailed proposal that meets your budget and scheduling requirements. Once approved, our team of experienced trainers and consultants creates a work plan and coordinates with your project lead to finalize the details of the delivery of service. If applicable, we generate periodic reporting to keep the project on track, as well as evaluate trends, risks, and progress.