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Our expertise has been gained on the front lines of the career development field.

We have experienced the challenges of limited resources, short timelines, and the need to create new ways to equip clients to navigate the work world. Along the way, we have cultivated the belief that learning is the core of success with clients and the practitioners who serve them. 

What we want you to know about us

As subject matter experts, we continue to strengthen the Career Development sector’s ecosystem through training, consulting, and resources. We are invited to share our knowledge in career conferences and work with national and international governments to leverage career services for the health and well-being of their communities.

Through the years, we’ve confirmed our belief that a learning approach to career services is the foundation of effective practice. A client’s potential for a successful outcome is increased when they are given the opportunity to reflect and make meaning of their career planning process.

Research and development has always been an essential part of our work. We are committed to developing future-oriented career development service models to adapt to the changing labour market and to ensure that all individuals can navigate toward their preferred future.

A brief version of a long story

Learn about our journey and what sparked our passion for transforming the career development field.

Our roots
MixtMode was created by a core group of career practitioners at Training Innovations, a career services agency in British Columbia, Canada. For 25 years, we ran various provincial and federal government-funded career services. Training Innovations (Tii) was known throughout the sector for excellence in programming and client service. In 2005, we created and facilitated the first-ever online career planning program to accommodate the geographically disparate communities of Vancouver's North Shore. Since the inception of this program, we continued to incorporate information and communication technology into most of our client services - what we call ‘multimodal career service’.
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Our Team

Our team has a combined 65+ years in the career development field. We each bring a unique skill set to a project and love to collaborate.


I’m responsible for leading our team of learning consultants into exciting new territory in the field of career learning. My specialty is communicating new ideas about design, development and deployment of career learning.

I focus on producing engaging and effective content for professional development. My understanding of practitioner and client learning needs comes from my 20+ years of practice in employment services.

My job is to deeply understand new ideas and complex concepts and turn them into consumable learning solutions that are simple, modern, visually appealing, and, above all, easily understood. 

Partners and Collaborators

Our thoughtful collaborative approach allows us to achieve and exceed project results. We have learned along the way that each project requires a specific set of skills and we partner with exceptional professionals and organizations to bring fresh and unique talent to our team.

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We are located in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada in the Pacific time zone (UTC -8).