Our expertise has been gained on the front lines of the career development field. We have experienced the challenges of limited resources, short timelines, and the need to create new ways to equip clients to navigate the work world. Along the way we have cultivated the belief that learning is the core of success with clients and the practitioners who serve them. 

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Our Story

Learn about our journey and what sparked our passion for Modern Career Learning.

Our most pivotal moments.

MixtMode’s start traces back to 1992 when Tannis launched her first career consultancy, later to be known as Training Innovations. She started in the classroom, delivering one of the first federally funded career planning programs offered in Canada. Back in the day, a career exploration curriculum lasted 6 weeks to allow time for multiple group trips to the downtown library to help Clients with career research. Oh, how the Internet has changed things! What followed was years of partnerships with Federal and Provincial governments and over 30 different multiple-year employment programs developed and delivered throughout the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. Under her leadership over 70,000 individuals received career and employability services. In 2016, Training Innovations’ community employment services were acquired by another agency. 

The MixtMode team learned invaluable lessons throughout those years from the wide range of clients we encountered. Employment Insurance career planning clients, Income Assistance essential skills clients, Youth job search clients, New Immigrant credentialing clients and a host of employers have given our consultants a broad perspective of the field of career services.

In 2000 Tannis, Peter, and Jane took a field trip to our first Online Learning Conference in Denver, CO.  While stuck overnight, on the side of the road, in an unexpected snow storm, we committed to the idea of using online technology to solve some of the service needs in the career development field. We looked at the sea of technical tools available. We could not find an online solution that worked for career practitioners so we began the process of building an online platform specifically for career learning. Over the course of the next decade, this platform transformed over 5 upgraded versions and was ultimately purchased by another career agency in 2016.

Our development did not stop with technology. We studied, practiced, and honed new ways of working with clients online through the delivery of the first federally funded online career planning program offered in Canada. By 2005 Tannis got busy introducing the concept of online career services amid speculation among our peers in the field. She has since inspired practitioners around the globe through training, consulting, and keynote addresses to be open to using online technologies in their practice. Our travels include training and speaking in countries across the world including Australia, United States, India, Hungry, The Netherlands, and New Zealand.

By 2008 online learning was mainstream and we recognized we were in an entirely new territory in the field. Tannis and Jane wanted to better understand the real impact of this way of working with clients so we partnered in our first research project. In addition to research, Career agencies across BC began to turn to us for online career content, elearning insight, and online facilitator training to meet their service needs. MixtMode was launched as a consultancy by 2013

The team at MixtMode holds a unique history. We have walked in the shoes of service providers and practitioners, we have launched programs and designed technology. We stand with the skills and insight to inspire modern career learning clients with digital content, transform the ways practitioners approach their work through unique training events, and impact organizations and government initiatives with solutions around the world. 

Our past tells us that it is important to embrace changes in the career development field. Learning is at our core but the methods and tools practitioners use for that learning to occur will be mixed in new ways as the years unfold. MixtMode will be there to help the field grow, be a resource, and create solutions for adopting these ideas of tomorrow.

Our Team

Small and Mighty

Our team has a combined 65+ years in the career development field. We each bring a unique skill set to a project and love to collaborate. 

I’m responsible for leading our team of learning consultants into exciting new territory in the field of career learning. My specialty is communicating new ideas about design, development and deployment of career learning.

I design and develop learning solutions that create change for stakeholders. My strength is crafting meaningful learning experiences for career learners utilizing online and blended spaces.

My job is to deeply understand new ideas and complex concepts and turn them into consumable learning solutions that are simple, modern, visually appealing, and, above all, easily understood. 

I focus on producing engaging and effective content for professional development. My understanding of practitioner and client learning needs comes from my 20+ years of practice in employment services.

Remembering Peter Davis

Peter Davis, long time contributor to the field of career development and our dear colleague, passed away in 2018.

Peter began his impact on the field as Youth Program Manager for Human Resources Development Canada in 1991. In the years after leaving HRDC, he managed community-based provincial and federal career programs, leading teams of practitioners with his inclusive and compassionate approach to client service. His greatest professional achievement was working with his wife, Tannis Goddard, to build and operate Training Innovations, a BC based career agency. What began as a small project in the 1990s flourished over the next decades and introduced new models of client programming to the province. Peter’s abilities to provide client service and manage business finances were integral to the company’s success.  He was a steadfast anchor in an industry that can be unpredictable.

Beyond his career, Peter was a loyal friend and proud world citizen. At home he was a doting father to his teenage daughter, Kaia, and a loving husband and best friend to Tannis. He led a full life as an avid boater, a Calgary Flames fan, a lover of travel and a wine enthusiast.

Our MixtMode team formed over years of working together in this field and Peter’s passing leaves us with an unfillable hole. We are honoured to have known him, to have learned from him, and to have grown our professional lives alongside of him.  

If you are interested in honouring Peter, we encourage you to donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Partners and Collaborators

One of our strengths is collaboration. It is one of our strategies for achieving and exceeding project results. We have learned along the way that each project requires a specific set of skills and we partner with exceptional professionals and organizations to bring fresh and unique talent to our team.

MixtMode Careers

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