There is more to meaningful career learning than meets the eye. Career learners need engaging content that can inspire a real transformation. With this goal in mind, we have been infusing our industry for more than 2 decades with multidisciplinary methodologies and research discoveries to put modern career learning to your hands, so you can focus on what really matters: change in a person’s life.

Product Options

Ready to deliver digital content items: videos, interactive career concepts, presentations, and personal application activities.

Ready to deliver paper-based content items: reflective activities, quick interventions, topic handouts, group activities, and graphics.

Learning items grouped together in a way that integrates information, activity, and interaction opportunities using our comprehensive approach.

Digital Content

Inspire your clients with digital career learning content. 

Share with your clients, use in a classroom or integrate into an eLearning Program.


Widely used in online learning, videos are sometimes underexplored in the conventional classroom. They can be a powerful resource in both types of delivery, especially when a complex concept needs to be explored. 

Watch our Walking the Problem video, developed for the Hope Career Interventions research project in partnership with CERIC, Dr. Norm Amundson, Dr. Spence Niles and Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon.

Interactive Career Concepts

Adding interactions to your material is a great way to increase engagement and provide the hands-on, experiential component in your service delivery. We use modern tools to help learners manipulate and feel immersed in the learning experience and ultimately find the personal application of the content to their lives.


Graphics, images and keywords are important and powerful aids when working with clients. Whether you are working one-on-one or facilitating a workshop for a larger group, well-built, engaging presentations can enhance your delivery by guiding clients through a career topic from beginning to end.

Personal Application Activities

Taking action following a workshop or one-on-one session can be a stumbling block for clients. Digitally available activities can support and facilitate a client to personally apply new career concept and take action.  

Hands-On Material

Just-in-time resources to support clients through their career learning journey.

Quick Interventions

Quick Interventions are comprehensive practitioner guides developed for 1-time meetings or a series of meetings related to one topic. Quick Interventions walk the practitioner through the set-up, implementation, and debrief of an activity and discussion with a client on career and employability topics. These are ideal tools for when your work with a client requires a targeted approach.

Topic Handouts​​

Topic Handouts cover the key points for each career concept. These client-facing handouts are ideal to use when you need a summary of important or good-to-remember items for clients to take home after a workshop, a meeting or perhaps to send by email when a client misses or can not come for a face-to-face appointment.

Individual Reflective Activities

Reflective Activities are personal application activities that stimulate your clients' thinking towards self-knowledge, change, and action. They can be used in your next group workshop, one-on-one meeting or be sent by email to be filled out in preparation for the next one-on-one appointment.

Group Discussion Activities

Group Activities are practitioner guides for facilitating group activities on a range of career topics. Each Group Activity outlines set-up, implementation, and debrief of the activity. Keep your clients engaged and help them connect with the information by exploring the topic with their peers.


A complex concept turned into a well-crafted graphic can make a real impact on client understanding. Infographics, visual models, charts, and sometimes a simple but powerful photograph can greatly improve your content delivery and client assimilation.

Comprehensive Learning

We build it for you.

We understand how difficult it can be to build an entire career program or service for clients. We are lifting the design burden off you with our comprehensive learning. We develop programming and curriculum to meet your career development needs in face-to-face, online and multi-modal designs.

What is a comprehensive approach?

Learning occurs when clients have meaningful ways to make sense of information. Our comprehensive approach has three core elements. We take a specific career development process and integrate Content, Personal Application, and Interaction opportunities for you to implement with your clients.

Interactive Career Concepts and Graphics are bundled together to present clients with a clear picture of up-to-date, modern thinking on a specific career topic.

Personal Application Activities are selected to support your client to make meaning of the information presented and take steps toward real action.

Connection, dialogue, reflection, an exchange of ideas with a practitioner are all so valuable as a client explores the career topic and makes decisions about next steps.  

Custom Development

Do you have an idea and need help bringing it to life? Work with our team of expert instructional designers and transform your concept into a solid final product that will inspire your clients.

We recognize that this is a complex and challenging time. Practitioners and agencies have responded by radically changing the way services are provided to the many Clients needing support. 


Having studied, practiced, researched, trained and consulted on remote and online career development learning for over 15 years, our team is finding ways to share knowledge with the field.