Career Development matters to society.

We envision a future in which individuals can access meaningful career services throughout their lifespan. We are committed to creating inspiring content, training practitioners, and improving services in a modern way.

What is Modern Career Learning?

Learning is at the core of successful career development with clients.

Modern Career Learning embraces the dynamic mix between Why, What, How, and Where clients learn. It celebrates that there is more than one way to learn. For you to have success with your clients, this mix needs to inform the objectives of a client service, design of career development content, methods used by a career practitioner, and the multi-modal learning environment you blend together.

Modern Career Learning Model

Our Expertise

Knowledge and skills to help you bring Modern Career Learning to life.

We are subject matter experts in the field of Career Development. Our experience with client-facing subjects is deep and varied, giving us the ability to build targeted, flexible content. Subjects include:

  • Career Transition
  • Career Planning
  • Job Search
  • Job Retention
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Networking
  • Essential Skills
  • Employability Skills
  • New Immigrant Career Transition 
  • Workplace Culture

We have developed delivery strategies and practitioner methods for a host of roles from Career Coaches, Group Facilitators, Job Placement Counsellors to Case Managers. We know that it takes a strong skill set and clear intention to provide quality service to clients. We are experts in delivering services in a variety of settings including: one-on-one, groups, and online career learning. We have come to realize that practitioners are facilitators of learning. Our work focuses on:

  • Reflective Practitioning
  • Facilitating Learning for Change
  • Online Guidance Skills
  • eCommunication Strategies
  • Client-Centred Career Coaching
  • Integrating Theory-Based Approaches in Practice 

We are experts in blending multi-modal career learning. Modern Career Learning capitalizes on both in person and technology supported learning environments. It embraces the multi-modal ways that adults learn in today’s labour market.  We understand the processes organizations go through as they evaluate technology options that will best suit the intended outcomes of a service. Our work focuses on:

  • Requirements planning for technology selection and development
  • Scoping depth of practitioner guidance and content
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous delivery workflow 
  • Learning support frameworks for clients
  • Change Management

We build stakeholder confidence and implement analysis strategies to identify opportunities and uncover deficits that will impact a project. We engage all stakeholders in the analysis and design phases to ensure a project meets the needs of all parties. We have worked with the following:

  • Government Policy Makers
  • Executive Leadership Teams
  • Practitioners and Support Staff
  • University Professors 
  • Business Owners
  • Community Leaders

We build learning experiences for Career Learners and Practitioners. We use a variety of authoring tools to develop engaging digital and hands-on content. Our work is built on a strong pedagogy of the interplay between content, interaction, and activity to create meaning. We design:

  • Digital Interactive Activities
  • Videos on Career Development topics
  • Workshop Presentations
  • Group Activities
  • Infographics
  • Comprehensive Career Programs

Our years of field experience as given us a deep understanding of what goes into the delivery of government funded programming. We understand what goes into an RFP process, the short timelines involved in launching new programming and what it takes to ensure programming meets policy requirements involved. Our work includes:

  • Consulting on RFP development 
  • Consulting on proposal development
  • Integrating Multi-Modal Career Services into delivery models
  • Practitioner Training
  • Business Process and Workflow

We have been on the forefront of career development programming in Canada and have led the way on the use of online technology to support career learning. Communication of new ways of working and new models for service is one of our strengths. Events include courses, workshops, webinars, team building, keynotes and industry panels. Our professional development events are:

  • Grounded in theory and practice
  • Tailored to context of practice
  • Engaging & Practice based
  • Aligned to Canadian Standards and Guidelines and IAEVG Competencies

We recognize that this is a complex and challenging time. Practitioners and agencies have responded by radically changing the way services are provided to the many Clients needing support. 


Having studied, practiced, researched, trained and consulted on remote and online career development learning for over 15 years, our team is finding ways to share knowledge with the field.