The Challenge

Support a full range of clients (individuals with disabilities, youth, mature workers, new immigrants, individuals with low education, and professionals) online through a structured process of career exploration and job search skill-building.

Our Solution

The consultants of MixtMode developed a first of its kind, in format and content. This project has served as the model for facilitated online career learning. This flagship online career program exceeded goals initially set in contract terms by serving more clients with greater success rates than expected. Over 87% of clients enrolled completed the program, and 92% of those felt that it met their career and learning needs. This contract was renewed several times over the 7 years it was funded.

The project was delivered primarily online combined with initial phone interview and phone/face-to-face as needed. It consisted of a structured and facilitated online group format with 4 cohesive themes, each covering one week of the program:

  • Career & Self-Assessment
  • Generating Options
  • Research & Decision Making
  • Plan of Action & Getting Work




We recognize that this is a complex and challenging time. Practitioners and agencies have responded by radically changing the way services are provided to the many Clients needing support. 


Having studied, practiced, researched, trained and consulted on remote and online career development learning for over 15 years, our team is finding ways to share knowledge with the field.