Mixtmode has always been committed to serving under-represented, multi-barriered individuals. These individuals are often distanced from the labour market with extended periods of unemployment. As a result, their resilience and hope decrease.

So what happens when you focus the career development process on cultivating hope? This question is what drew us to the Hope-Centred Career Interventions project. In collaboration with other leaders in the sector, we developed a range of counselling intervention methods and tools that focused on increasing hope. Our findings showed that increasing hope competencies helped clients develop new perspectives, confidence, and the ability to take action.

The Hope-Centred Career Interventions project was led by Dr Tannis Goddard (MixtMode), Dr Norman Amundson (University of British Columbia), Dr Spencer Niles (College of William and Mary) and Dr Hyung Joon Yoon (The George Washington University). It was a follow-up to a CERIC-funded exploratory project on the importance of Hope for career decision-making as assessed by the Hope-Centred Career Inventory (HCCI).