The Challenge

Why do so many graduates find themselves in a job situation that does not meet their expectations and skills? What are the best ways to help them reach their full potential in the labour market and get their career in motion? The CareerMotion project was a research project conducted by the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation. It sought out to address these two questions and provide evidence on whether the labour market competencies of graduates from colleges and universities can be improved by using web-based technologies.

Our Solution

The consultants from MixtMode were brought into this research project to create web-based tools that would provide self-directed, tailored career assistance to underemployed PSE graduates. Participants engaged with a series of modules. Each module was self-directed and linked to a range of high quality self-assessment and career planning resources. The information and activities in each module provided participants with opportunities to personally apply new understanding to their career needs, construct a greater understanding of their career situation and increase their career decision making and job search competencies. The scope of our involvement in this research included:

  • Provide the web-based learning environment to deliver the online modules to participants
  • Consult on the registration process for online participants
  • Complete the instructional design and development of web-based modules
  • Provide guidelines for the source and selection of web-based self-assessment and LMI resources made available to participants
  • Consult on the marketing and communication strategy for participant recruitment into the study