Organizations face limited resources and an ever-changing landscape. Our services can have real impact on your work with clients and your effectiveness as an organization. We bring two decades of design experience to find a solution that will work for your organization or government initiative.

What type of solution are you looking for?

Program Design Services

It takes a village to design effective career programs!

We are the village you need to design a program that meets your funding requirements and creates an impact for your clients.

Targeted Objectives

An analysis of client and service needs that factor in relevant policies, timelines, budgets, contract requirements, and human resources to produce targeted objectives for the program.

Delivery Process Plan

A framework for the program that includes a service structure, client schedule, and scope of subject matter to be covered in the program.

Learning Environment Design

Modes of learning are identified, based on the context of the client and service being offered, and a learning design is created. This design ensures that clients have opportunities for meaning making and self-application whether working individually with a practitioner, as part of a group, through drop-in services or as self-directed learners. When modes beyond face-to-face are used, recommendations for a strong, integrated delivery strategy are provided.

Practitioner Strategy

Outline of level, scope, and methods for practitioners in the delivery of the program.

eLearning Design

Conquer the multi-modal avenues of Career Learning with us.

You understand the benefits of technology enabled learning. Perhaps you have tried to create and deploy online programs before, but realize there are structural gaps to be filled and a sea of knowledge to be conquered. We walked the same path. We have since helped many organizations to deploy transformational career eLearning services.

Requirements Planning

We conduct an environmental scan of the organization context, practitioner skills, service and program objectives, and client needs to formulate recommendations for a blend of technologies that can be integrated into client services. 

Product Development

We support you as you establish your learning environment. Establishing a multi-modal solution requires development of digital content and materials, consideration for communication and engagement spaces and effective enrollment and onboarding strategies for Clients. We can help you develop a complete or advise you along the way.

Change Management

Successful integration and deployment of technology requires careful attention to the changes it will bring. We give you the tools you need to align internal resources to meet the complex process changes. We bring a solid plan for introducing the service change to all stakeholders including identifying internal champions and specific resistances to be acknowledged.


We equip you and your practitioners with the digital delivery skills necessary for modern career learning. We offer regular professional development events and can build custom training specifically for your initiative. 


Professional Development

Keep current on your career learning.

We are committed to educating exceptional career practitioners. Meet the pro-d needs of your new employees by customizing a plan for their training or work with the specific needs of your entire team.



Organizational Development Services

We support you along the way.

We understand the behind-the-scenes of career and employment services and know how important it is to keep things on-track once a program or strategy is deployed. We will work with you to make sure your organization has the tools to support service delivery and is prepared to grow and take on new challenges.


We analyze your needs and create business tools that help make processes transparent, consistent, easier to follow for staff and simple to track for managers.

Support Aids

We develop support aids that aim to ease pressure on practitioners to do good work while having all your administrative requirements met.

Training Needs

We conduct a training analysis and create competency development plans to grow the long-term capacity of your organization.

Government Consulting Services

We bring policy and the needs from the field together.

We deeply understand the career and employment services field. We have supported national and international government agencies to bring modern services to the public for a combined 65+ years.

Stakeholder Needs Analysis

We have extensive experience in large scale initiatives and front line programming. Our needs assessments integrate a scan of policy requirements, delivery options, client needs and access, and practitioner needs and skills.

Requirements Planning

We have learned from the ups and downs of effective of career programming over the years. Our requirements planning can include recommendations for: technology selection, user interface design, client access and learning supports, content development, integration of technology into service, communication to stakeholders, and change management.

Subject Matter Expertise

We love to collaborate with others in the industry. Our unique view of the field equips us to contribute subject matter expertise on modern career development topics, practitioner competency and training, and elearning and multi-modal learning integration.

How We Work

We are commited to the highest standards.

What really does go into our work? Well… let’s begin with these 6 core principles.


We will tell you what we think in a simple, clear, honest, and heartfelt way.


We use the best inputs (materials, technology, methodologies, research-based knowledge) to achieve the best final products and services.


We are commited to making groundbreaking discoveries and combining disciplines to fill gaps in the field of learning and guidance.


We understand that learning is personal and needs different modes to reach different needs. Products and services are adaptable to each reality.


We want to bring joy and make people feel encouraged and inspired when they use our solutions.

Look and Feel

Our solutions are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and easy to understand.

We recognize that this is a complex and challenging time. Practitioners and agencies have responded by radically changing the way services are provided to the many Clients needing support. 


Having studied, practiced, researched, trained and consulted on remote and online career development learning for over 15 years, our team is finding ways to share knowledge with the field.