Thank you for your interest in our free career learning resources! Our goal is to provide useful tools that encourage and inspire your practice. They include a variety of interactive, multimedia and downloadable tools that you can use and share with clients and peers. Check back often for new additions!

Tools and Pedagogy (interactive map)

This is an interactive map that blends the Multimodal Career Learning Pedagogy and a variety of apps and tools that can support an effective transition to remote or online career services. Use this framework to get started or to expand your current remote practice. Check back often for updates!

The Walking the Problem video supports the development of career competency in Visioning and in Goal Setting & Planning. It was originally developed by MixtMode for the Hope Career Interventions research project in partnership with CERIC, Dr. Norm Amundson, Dr. Spence Niles and Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon.

Do you know what kind of mindset you have? Our view of ourselves and the world around us sets a tone for our attitudes and actions. This outlook is reinforced by messages and experiences we have throughout our education and working lives. Over time, we develop a certain mindset that can impact what we see as possible. Using your Growth Mindset can be a powerful tool to keep moving in a positive direction with purposeful and meaningful effort through ups and downs.

This is an interactive resource targeted to clients who are beginning a job search. It provides small nuggets of information, prompts reflection and personal application through a self assessment activity. It can be a great tool to share with your client before a one-to-one meeting.

When you make a change in life, like starting a new job, the new reality interferes with the old. Change of routines, relationships, money, and even what occupies your thoughts creates a ripple effect around you. While you are facing waves, you might also be navigating ripples from change. To know where we are on our journey through life’s challenges and to maintain balance, we are dependent on our health and wellness in three key ways: Physical Health, Mental Health, and Spiritual Health. This exercise helps identify which of these areas are impacted by ripples.

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