Upcoming Events

Expand Your Reach with Online Career Services

2018 | Ottawa, Canada

Are you grappling for ways to extend your career services online? Join us at Cannexus 2018 and explore the design and delivery of client-centred, engaging, interactive online career interventions.

Featured Past Events

e-Learn Conference 2017

2017 | Vancouver, Canada

Mixtmode shared lessons learned when integrating elearning into government initiatives and not-for-profit career services. Participants heard a range of field examples from our field experience and explored the future of designing elearning for career services.

Hope Interventions Research

2017 | Webinar

Mixtmode’s Tannis Goddard partnered with Dr. Norm Amundson to share the results of our CERIC-funded research with unemployed clients using face-to-face and online interventions.

LLMI Symposium

2016 | Symposium

The Government of Canada has been focused on ways to improve learning and labour market information (LLMI) for Canadians. Mixtmode’s Tannis Goddard was invited by Employment and Social Development Canada to present a report on the New Generation of LI and LMI Tools in Canada.